Condition Monitoring

Essential for maximum bearing service life and optimum machine performance

To help ensure long bearing service life, it is important to determine the condition of machinery and bearings while in operation. Good predictive maintenance will help reduce machine downtime and decrease overall maintenance costs.

To help you achieve this goal, SKF has developed a wide range of instruments for analyzing the critical environmental conditions that have an impact on bearing and machine performance.

  • Vibration Penplus
  • CMVP 50 (mm/s) RMS
  • Inspector 400 Ultrasonic Probe
  • CMIN 400-K
  • Microlog
  • CMXA 50, Portable Two-Channel Data Collector / FFT Analyzer
  • CMVA 60 Portable Single-channel Data Collector / FFT Analyzer
  • SKF Machine Analyst
  • CMSW 5700
  • The asset efficiency optimization software
  • Multilog Condition Monitoring Unit
  • (CMU)
  • CMMA 7710
  • Micro Vibe P
  • CMVL 3850